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Thanks for the great demo. Really love the game. Nice atmosphere. good to bring back the point and click style. Love it !

Thank you very much for your kind words and support!

Your very welcome...bought the game today after playing the demo and i am hooked ! You have done your work great on bringing back the good old time point and click mode, great atmosphere and sounds. It proves that a good game don't have to be a big budget or high class rated graphics release. The simplicity just makes it beautiful ! 

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Thank you, that was a solo project. I'm working now on an Oldskool Looking Sandbox RPG with modern mechanics, probably will release an alpha version next week and hope get some patreons to keep project going. ;) 

Big thank you for the demo, was nice to play a point and click game once again. Haven't played one in a while 

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Thank you for the video.. contant me on email ( to send you the full version free. ;)